Onboard the ship there were many
activities as well as three swimming
pools and jacuzzis. The were shows
in the multi-level theater, games
and The Casino. There were several
places to eat and a few clubs that
offered first rate entertainment. We
had a table for two in the Truffels
Resturant with excellent food and
Each night when we returned to our room,
Renee, our Cabin Stewart, had been in and
cleaned up the room, turned down the bed
and made an animal of some sort out of
towels. Lorrie loved the Elephant and the
little Dog and Monkey the he made for her.
Busboy Riccardo and Waiter Svet
Our Cabin Stewart Renee with Lorrie
The decor throughout the ship was
amazing. The staircases were lined
with beautiful murals and displays
of blown glass. The clubs, lounges
and resturants were elegantly
decorated. The mural to the left
is four decks tall in the Atrium.