In the area around the Dockyard, there are numerous shops. One
of our favorites was the Glassworks where glass art was made by
hand and the old form of glassblowing.
As we came off of the ship on Friday morning,
we hailed a taxi. "Niecy" Fuller was our driver.
She took us on a tour of the island and drove
us to Hamilton and waited for us to do some
shopping at Triningham's. She was a wonderful
person and truly made our visit a pleasure.
On Friday afternoon, we took Greg Hartley's Underwater
Helmet Walk Tour. This was spectacular and it is something
that people of all ages can participate in. You simply walk
down the ladder  into the water. When you get in up to your
shoulders, they place the weighted helmet over your head
and you step right down onto the sand bottom of the reef.
Greg takes you on the tour and you are surrounded by fish.
Greg even gives you the chance to have a live Moray Eel
pass through your hands.