Cruising up Sir Francis Drake Channel,
we make it a point to stop at Cooper
Island. Snorkeling at Cistern Point is
usually very good. We have seen all kinds
of marine life in and around the point.
Lunch or Dinner at the Cooper Island
Beach Club is always a culinary delight.
At lunch, a Cooper Island Cheeseburger
is truly a Cheeseburger In Paradise.
Machioneel Bay is a beautiful whitesand
beach line with palm trees and sea grape
bushes.Lorrie loves pulling a beach chair
down to the edge of the water and
relaxing in the sun. The bar at the Beach
Club is a great place to meet other cruisers.
A cruise in the B.V. I would not be complete
without a visit to Norman Island. We pick
up a mooring in the Bight, snorkel the Caves
at Treasure Point and spend hours just
combing the beach. A night in the Bight is
spent relaxing under a celestial dome of
stars and listening to some soft jazz or
going shore to the bar for dinner and
drinks. A visit to Norman Island is always
completed with a snorkel at the Indians.
Virgin Gorda has so much to offer to the
cruising yachtsman. A stop at the Baths
is always as much pleasure as it was the
first time we dropped by. We always stop
at the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor to pick
up some supplies and do some laundry.
A cold drink at the Bath and Turtle helps
to make the chore a lot easier. Stops at
Leverick Bay, the Bitter End Yacht Club
and Saba Rock are always must. We do
alot of snorkeling around Prickly Pear
Island and Eustatia Sound.
No trip to the B.V.I. would be
complete without a stop by Jost
Van Dyke. We enjoy the serenity
of Little Harbor. A Lobster dinner
at Sydney's Love and Peace or
Harris's Place. An afternoon at
White Bay and a few drinks at the
Soggy Dollar Bar puts us in the island
mood. Great Harbor is always a stop.
Sometimes we have the Bar-B-Q at
Foxy's or just stop by for a drink and
a song or two.
The beauty of Marina Cay makes it
one of our favorite  places to stop.
A visit to the Pusser's Store or
sipping a Painkiller at the bar helps
pass the afternoon. At night, we
cook up a couple of steaks on the
Bar-B-Q and open a good bottle of
wine and just relax to some good
music and the  beautiful stars.
Sometimes we are treated to the
frenzy of hundreds of Tarpon
feeding on dwarf herring around
our boat.