Onboard the "DYVI PACIFIC" we were the guest
of Captain Lars Oddvar Aulesjord, who was truly
a gentleman and very accomodating. During the
transit, we had to hold in Lake Gatun for two
hours, so we had the opportunity to spend some
casual time and have lunch with the Captain. The
"DYVI PACIFIC" was carrying over 2,000 Dodge
automobiles and was bound for Baltimore,
Maryland in the United States.
George Baust, Captain Aulesjord and Canal Pilot Gerry
Several years ago, I traveled to the Panama Canal Zone on
two ocassions to visit friends. During a visit, I had the
opportunity to transit the Panama Canal onboard a 576 foot
Automobile Carrier, the "DYVI PACIFIC", with one of the
Panama Canal Pilots, Gerry. We went onboard the ship at
five o'clock in the morning as it was about to enter the
Miarflores Locks, the first of three sets of Locks through
which we would pass during the fifty mile transit. After
clearing the Miraflores Locks, we passed the Pedro Miguel
Locks, Guillard Cut, Lake Gatun and then the Gatun Locks.
After completing the transit, we boarded a Pilot Boat for a
ride to Cristoble, where we boarded a train of the Panama
Railway, the worlds shortest intercontinental railway for the
ride back to Balboa.